Playing in the Shade

There are some workers at my house this week, re-doing a bathroom. I've tried to stay out of the house as much as possible. Today we went swimming at my sister's, and then afterward we drove around downtown. Stephen said he wanted to "see the city, Mama."

We happened upon a Burger King and drove through to get a 50 cent vanilla cone - best deal of the summer!

I love this picture of Laurie and her little friends playing in the shade after the pool. 


  1. I love the girls intensity! And I can tell Millie and Laurie have dads in engineering and construction. They are "chips" of those blocks (as is Stephen Small).

  2. So precious. That age where our babies can and do play with other babies is so wonderful.

    I drive my kids around, too, sometimes...mainly when mama needs an outing. :)

  3. Love this! It is finally here! The age our kids actually play with each other! Can't wait for the years of fun play dates to come!

  4. so sweet.

    Thought of you almost immediately when I saw the new baby prince was named George :) What do you think of that?!

  5. Cute picture. We got 50 cent BK ice cream cones last night. Cheap fun for sure.

  6. I hope we get to see the bathroom finished/in progress. Especially if it's the one you spruced up a while back with some new pictures! :)


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