4th Pics + Dog Days

I keep saying this is a summer that defines summer.

We have spent hours at the pool. We have slept late and worn our p.j.'s well into mid morning. We have enjoyed our fair share of tomatoes, peaches, corn, etc. Summer 2013, you have been sooo good!

Here is a sample of pictures from our 4th of July celebration spent at my aunt and uncle's lake "cabin." It was a great time, complete with chicken fingers, ribs, deviled eggs, homemade ice cream, and a special visit from our dearest family friends, Nate and Beth Bradford!

Laurie spent 5 straight hours in the pool that day - no lie.

photo credit : Doc

We are officially in the dog days now. I'm somewhat beside myself with things to do with the babies on these long, hot afternoons. George napping in his own crib is a priority, and so we stay cooped up for the latter half of the day. Around 2pm I like to rev up the AC and French press a cup of coffee.  I also love to listen to the Dave Ramsey show. It's been a long time favorite of mine. And I love radio in general. Capt' Steve and I both do.

Hope all you readers out there are having a great summer! Still trying to figure out how to blog a little more regularly like I did in the good ol' days.

Back soon, hopefully.

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  1. Love that first pic of Laurie - so sweet!
    Dog days - YES - we are doing a whole lot of playing in the hose these days - the water bill is gonna be high - but anything to stay outside and happy!! Hope to share some french press this wknd! xo


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