Thanks + Tree + Baby

Thank you, each of you, for lifting my spirits after my last post. You have no idea how encouraged I feel after your comments, e-mails, and face to face conversations. In all seriousness, thank you.


How was your Thanksgiving?!

We spent ours one hour away from home with my wonderful in-laws. It was classic - family, food, coffee, cousins. We had a great holiday.

Friday morning we came barreling back into town ready to get our Christmas on. We started a little early this year since we are expecting baby just a few days before Christmas. I figured if I did not start early it might not happen at all.

You don't necessarily have to wear shoes when buying a tree.

It's hard to get a good pic of LB these days. She's on the move.

For the first time in years we bought a full size Christmas tree. I have pretty much sat on the sofa in front of this tree since we brought it home. For I am great with child. And like no pregnancy before I. am. ready. Really I don't remember being so anxious for the end in the past.

Half of it is excitement. I just can't wait to meet this baby! The other have is I want to get this over with....the largeness, the delivery, the transition.

We don't know the gender. I think it's a girl. The check out lady at Publix thinks it's a boy. We'll see.

We have two names picked out. I love them both. We will keep them a surprise until the BIRTHday.

This week my mom is visiting us, which is the biggest blessing. I have plans to get my hair cut, change banks (to one closer to our house), clean, and go to a movie with Captain Steve!

My view.


  1. LOVE the tree - so glad you decided to get one! :)
    I think Baby is a girl, too. Can't wait, either way!! xo

  2. Like Joy, I love the tree! And SS without Shoes is too cute - only in the south with its mild (crazy) weather would that work.

    I must admit that I'm feeling boy on this one.... not sure why... but I'll go with the lady at Publix!

  3. I love your whole outlook on life, being a wife and a mother! I need to have more of your attitude!! I have been reading your blog for about a year, I am a friend of Rayne and read from her blog. Good luck in your last few weeks. You have a precious family!!

  4. Oh, SBS! I wish I could sit and share your view with you. Thinking of you as you begin this new season. You remain one of my favorite gifts from this blog world. Love you! ps... I owe you an email :)

  5. Hope we can get AP and LB together soon. LB is rocking her Toms. SS is rocking the bare feet. Have fun with your Mama!


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