I don't know what it is that compels me to share with you every time I go to Wal-Martz. Maybe it's because I have a serious love-hate thing going on with Wal-Martz. It's sorta complex.

It also cracks me up that you can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING there. It truly is a Wally World.

I think I'll have my vision checked. And an oil change. And a Subway sandwich. Oh, and I might as well pick up some press on nails and salt shakers while I'm here. And some turkey.

For real, you can do all that under one roof?!

I used to try to go to once a month to stock up on staples. But the frequency of the trips threatened my mental stability. So now I go probably 4 times a year. I said it before...it's a love-hate relationship.

This morning it was more on the love side. Like, I'm thrilled with my purchases.

Won't you celebrate with me?!

1- Rainbow sippy cups. These are all we use. LOVE these fancy colors.

2-A shiny new pitcher for our Gatorade. The old one is broke and the boys of the house drink LOTS of Gatorade.

3- To go mugs for Capt' Steve. On clearance, $4 a piece. Whoo-hoo!

4-Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. This stuff smells divine, makes me want to clean my whole neighborhood.

5- Last, but not least --- baby food. I know that making your own baby food is all the rage. But you know what is even awesome-er?

.....just opening the lid on the jar {or plastic container}. Yeah, that rocks.

A little preservative never hurt anyone.

In true Wal-Martz fashion, there were 1,000 check-outs and only 2.5 people working them.
Got to love it.


  1. I'm feelin the love/hate with Walmart too. Never tried the Rainbow sippy cups, how are they with leakage? Love Meyer products, my mama has been using them 4eva. Love those coffee mugs. I picked ours up at the Maxx a few months ago and haven't looked back. Its nice to sip on your coffee and not worry about sloshing it all over your babe;) You MUST try the Cabot Extra Sharp White Cheddar that Walmart sells in the 2lb block. We don't buy any other cheese....I even grate it up and make grilled cheeses out of it because slicing the block can be a little tricky for a grilled cheese...you need even cheese distribution for even melting. Its about $8 for 2lbs and it is all natural without the dye they put in regular ole' orange cheddar. Yes, homade baby food is all the rage but I'm all about whatever is easy right now. Especially since FRR had his tonsils and adenoids taken out yesterday:(

  2. Amen to the baby food! I made several batches when Jake first started eating solids, but that got old fast...

  3. Yes, love-hate, indeed. I think Wal-Martz was created for our sanctification.

  4. I'm mostly hate, but I do like those "to go" mugs.

  5. Your header of Laurie Betty makes me want to hop on a plane to Montgomery!
    Big high five on preservatives. They seem to go hand in hand with sanity.

  6. I once heard it said you never knew where you'd end up in Wal-mart... the motor oil or the lettuce. I'm with you on the love-hate, although I'd welcome an opportunity to pay less than $90 for toilet paper & Diet Coke at my local NYC market. No great value brands here.

    ps: Laurie Betty is rockin' that header.

  7. Oh mercy on the Walmartz. I went in yesterday which was the first time in months. It was all fine and dandy until it took like 40 minutes to check-out with a less than thrilled Anna Lyn tagging along. Walmartz, why can't you have more cashiers? Boo.

    LB is too much! Love that sweet face!

  8. You almost make me want to go visit the Martz. I can't handle it...I'm such a Target snob these days. Love those to-go mugs! Hooray for preservatives! If I used a sippy cup, I would want it a rainbow-colored one! xoxo

  9. Your new header is precious! What a sweetie. I also have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Martz, leaning very heavily to the "hate" side. I go as little as I possibly can, but sometimes, you just GOTTA go. Where else can you get your car worked on, find fertilizer for your plants, and buy a new outfit...all at the same time? Dang you for being so all-in-one, Wal-Martz!


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  11. after reading this post, i am heading to the wal-martz today. also, a big high five to preservatives and sanity...that is how we roll too. :)

  12. I really hope that we meet one day and that our paths cross. I know we would be friends.

  13. Mrs. Meyers rocked my cleanin' world. I get a different scent every time and love them ALL.

    And I got such a thrill out of picking cool sippy cups for my kids too.

    I haven't been to Walmart for years - not since we first bought our house and I would make renovations runs at midnight. Now I wouldn't go on principle - I'm lucky to live in an area with great little local stores.

  14. I shop at Wal-Mart regularly and sometimes I like it and sometimes I hate. Love is not a word I would ever use though. :)
    I felt so guilty for not doing homemade baby food because it seemed all the rage in the blog world. I am so thankful I was not alone! As a Mama I had enough to do!!
    P.S. I LOVE the new header! Precious!


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