Toy Rotation

The other day I came across this post about keeping little ones busy. I found it SO helpful. Toy rotation. What a grand concept! I've been diligently rotating all our toys for about a week now. When I notice that S.S. is losing interest in a particular toy I go ahead and put it on the top shelf of his closet. A few days later I bust it back out. It WORKS. Also, I've reintroduced things like painting and Legos that as little as one month ago he had zero interest in. But now, he loves them! Who knew?

What works to keep your little ones {happy} and busy? How do you avoid the temptation to plop them in front of a Lightning McQueen for 4 hours a day?


  1. Love his painting photo!!!

    And I suspect that - long term - SS will stick with Legos (or something similar). He's got so much of his daddy in him. I can see him gravitating toward the "building/ fixing" toys.

  2. Awesome idea! Btw, the linens in my last post were handkerchiefs that my mom used as serving napkins. How cute! They were so colorful!

  3. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I plan to do this with my 1 year old Sunday School class I will begin teaching next week.

  4. oh yes, we do toy rotation! for space reasons, too. I do it about once a month or even longer.

  5. Yay! I am so happy that toy rotation is working well for you. :) It really works wonders. Here's to a busy S.S.!


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