Real Fun Times

What have you all been up to? In this heat?

Here's a peek of our life lately.

Fun times at a friend's 3rd birthday.
Stephen Small had the time of his LIFE!

As far as TV watching goes, we've been enjoying a little Flipper --- of all things I know! This is not my first choice, but the man of the house has declared this as our family show. It's a joke. And it's not a joke at the same time. We really watch it. And laugh at ourselves as we watch it. It is on Netflix instant, FYI.

We've been playing INSIDE more than I ever thought we could tolerate.

Stephen Small has been such a trooper. He's gotten so creative with his inside time.

Occasionally he sits still.

We've enjoyed some watercoloring.
*Neat fact...this was my grandfather's desk when he was a boy.

Also on the activity list is praise and worship. My child loves music. So much so that he was awarded his teacher's CD to take home from Bible school.... because he really thrived during music time.

So every afternoon we pop in the ol compact disc and jam to 'This Little Light of Mine'.

When we just can't stand the indoors any longer, we go outside and piddle in Capt' Steve's boat. Until the mosquitoes run us off.

Life is good.
Have and awesome Wednesday!


  1. They call him Flipper, Flipper. Faster than lightning...etc. I am laughing so hard that y'all are watching that show. That's one time where you can ask, "Do you think there is anyone else in the world who is also watching Flipper right now?" I think you have a good chance of being the only ones....Proud of you for sliding. You are such a daredevil (Let us remember skinning the cat). Love ya!

  2. My brother and I used to love "Flipper"! How funny, I haven't thought about that show in years :) Glad yall are bringing it back! Looks like yall are beating the heat just fine. Just think of all the fun times SS is having...makes it all worth it. Stay cool, friend!


    PS--That desk is amazing! Love it.

  3. I love SS's absolute delight in life! And he's doing water colors?? You may have another crafter in the family after all.

  4. Is Stephen Grande so proud that Dumb Head was featured on the blog?

  5. oh man. Reminds me of winter and being stuck inside because of snow!

    I got a little round trampoline for days like that. My kids love it. I also always keep some toys tucked away in the closet and rotate them when the natives are getting restless. wheee!

    that is the coolest water slide.

  6. did you hear what netflix is doing??? if you have the package where you have dvd's and instant, they're pretty much doubling the cost. dang netflix!! we've got to figure something else out because i am so not down with forking over 16 something dollars a month for movies!! we're so cheap we don't even have cable!

    love smalls' table. sweet


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