Normal Days

I just Betty Browned my coffee and sat down while babies are napping in hopes to crank out a post.

We've had a lot of lazy normal summer days.
It has rained and rained and rained some more. 
Which is GOOD for my plants.

The Smalls has been playing inside so sweetly and contentedly. I love that.
And he's turning into a little communicator which I think is SO fun!

Dah-ee {Daddy} is by far his #1, all time favorite word. EVER.
And I'd go so far as to say that Dah-ee is his #1, all time favorite person.
I suppose that's healthy.

Dah-ee receiving his nightly greeting

I've been exercising a lot.
Baby weight get behind me. I'm not dieting because I am no good at diets. Like, the world's worst.
I'm just trying to exercise consistently.
It makes me feel good.
I sleep better.

I was recently inspired by THIS post. I love Meg from Whatever. 

We rearranged our whole house this past weekend. We moved our room to Laurie's room, Laurie's room to Stephen's room, and Stephen's room to our room.

Total fruit basket turnover. We love the results.
Maybe a post on that later.

The laundry continues to keep me on my toes. See, totally normal, hum drum life.

I like it. I'm grateful.

rice and noodle recipe - so good - I will share soon.

We've had coffee every morning.
Work everyday.
A few doctors appointments.
A minor illness.
Home improvements.
A broken bunny figurine.
No time to sew.
Some reading.
Occasional naps.
Dinner at home every night.

And that's what it's all about.


  1. life is good! what is it about 2 year old boys and that Daddy?!?! we went through the exact same thing last year and i thought i would DIE if i heard it one more time during our days.....Daddy is on the brain:) and you are right, its natural and its the best thing:)

  2. Love it allo. Thank you for sharing your normal days with us.

  3. Allo? A new fancy way of saying All. ;)

  4. I've started saying "Betty Brown" - it's soooo useful. I didn't realize I had such a hole in my vocabulary.

    I've been exercising too, because I've got a desk job 2 days a week now. I commute by bike sometimes and man, do I feel good and powerful. And no, I never diet either. I LOVE food.

  5. the picture of you & the kiddos is totally adorbs. :)
    you look beautiful!

  6. Sounds about right! Can't wait to see this furniture re-arrange... and that recipe.
    I betty brown any leftover coffee either mid morning, or mid afternoon with my fiber one chocolate bar. Sometimes there is none leftover. :( Now, I think in my head "betty brown" every time.

  7. I love your posts like this one, SB! Life can be mundane and ordinary and...FABULOUS :) I love your pictures, as always. Happy new week to you and yours!


  8. We've had lots of rain lately too! Your kiddos are getting so big :)

  9. SB -- Love the photos. SS in his rain boots with the keys is just too much! And you and the kids looks wonderful. Don't worry about "baby weight." You look spectacular!!

  10. Looove it. Every day ordinary life is fabulous. Why do we put so much pressure to be awesome?! Thanks for the reminder that regular is awesome too.

    If I drank coffee, you bet I'd be a major Betty Browner. I'm the other way though, everything must be cold to the point of almost frozen.

    Smalls is precious. Communicating changes everything for the better for sure! And you look amazing, so full of joy... and I love your hair :)

    Please share pics of the big rearrange soon. And by soon, I mean whenever. Life with babies means no deadlines right?

  11. Appreciating normal is one of the best things ever! :)

  12. Love your pictures, SB! SS in his cute rain boots, running to greet Daddy, you and the kids (you look wonderful!), Daddy and the kids - all of them!

    Rearranging the house is quite an accomplishment! I could never have done that with two young children! Hope to see pictures soon. :)

  13. Oh, No! Not THE bunny figurine!!!...SB, are you innocent in the matter?


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