Me Working

This is an aspect of my life I don't share too much about on my blog --- my work life. Yeah, I work outside the home here and there. I'm a nurse approximately one weekend a month. My specialty is in the mother/baby department, passing out lots of pain meds and Sprite to sore ladies who have just given birth. It's fun.

me working

In the course of my career I have "delivered" one baby, encountered a patient who wore 7 bras all at the same time {so incredibly strange, I know}, and served Sprite to thousands upon thousands of women.  I had NO clue how much the general population LOVES Sprite until I became a nurse.

Anyhoo, a few things about this picture.
1. I took it on my break to send to Stephen Grande. He always sends me phone photos with captions of what the kids are doing at home. So I sent him this one of me. I crack myself up sometimes.
2. I am my father. Just 30 years younger and female.
3. The particular day I took this photo, I dropped my entire cup of to-go mug coffee on the floor as I was clocking in. I hadn't even taken a sip. The whole incident really hurt my feelings.

Major party foul.
More specifically, major work foul.


  1. SBS, you are so cool! Would have loved to have had you as my nurse!

  2. It's scary to think you are you are a female version of Doc, but I can see what you mean! And sorry about the coffee. That is a major tragedy in my world.

  3. You are so cute. And if that time comes for me, could you please bring me the following:

    1. pain meds
    2. Sprite zero
    3. one of your family's famous sandwiches

    Thank you in advance. ;)

  4. OH, I hope you're my nurse come March. I love Jackson Hospital. Their nurses are the BEST. ;)

  5. You are your father. I dropped my coffee at the hospital the other day and incredibly the cup landed completely upright. The cup was still about 1/3 full of drinkable coffee. The rest had exploded in about a 6 foot circle all around it. I felt skillful and clumsy at the same time.

  6. That coffee story really bummed me out. I wish you could have been my sprite nurse!

  7. awwww, I have a soft spot for nurses like you! My sis was a labor and delivery nurse for years - now she's in administration, but she was sure with me for both of my births and she made SUCH a difference. You're right, Sprite is popular beyond belief.


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