6 Months

Look who just celebrated her first half birthday!
You guessed it.
Laurie Betty

She is love and joy in a human baby form. Seriously, I am without words to describe the gift that she is to us. We thank God for her precious life, for health, and for her chubby cheeks! I squeeze them on a hourly basis.

Brother is slightly enamored with her as well.

They are on their way to being best buds.

Lots of hugs around these parts.


  1. I can't believe she's already six months!
    Siblings close in age are the most precious things. Enjoy watching that sweet relationship!

  2. She is sweetness personified. Are we seriously going to call her Laurie Betty or is Laurie Betty just a blog name?

  3. Could not be cuter. Love the hugging photos and LB is a dream.

  4. She is beyond precious and gorgeous. I'm glad she and SS are becoming fast friends...she's going to need a tough big brother to keep the boys away when she grows up! And you squeeze those cheeks all you want now. She may protest a bit when she turns 16 :)

    Happy new week, friend!


  5. sweet sweet Laurie! What a precious little baby girl she is... and I love how Smalls loves on her. a little love, a little squish :)

  6. I can't believe she's 6 months old!!! I love the pic of SS on top of her. Precious!

  7. Happy 6 month birthday Laurie Betty! You are beautiful!


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